First Service

First Service

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01. Special Needs School

Special Needs School Raffle Ticket

The St. Gabriel's raffle ticket is on our standard size ticket with white paper and black ink. It was a golf day and we modified the stub of the ticket to record the company/team details as well as the standard purchaser name and phone number.

13. Parish

Parish Raffle Ticket

The Holy Spirit Parish Raffle Ticket is a large ticket printed on white paper with gold covers. The 16 prizes, conditions at the bottom and their logo fits easily.

21. AFL Club

AFL Club Raffle Ticket

Narangba Australian Football Club used our standard sized tickets on white paper, blue covers and black ink. Narangba included seller instructions and ticket number range on the cover.

19. Motor Sport

Motor Sport Raffle Ticket

The Australian Motor Sport Foundation had a standard sized ticket on white paper with black ink.  We managed to include a huge amount of text and a copy of their logo on our standard sized ticket and still made it easy to read and look good.